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UPDATE: New regulations on minors:

On behalf of the South African Embassy I would like to welcome you to the new Immigration and Visa section of the South African Embassy in Finland website.  Kindly be advised that as the Embassy is accredited to Estonia this section will also address Estonian Nationals.

The South African definition of a visa is a document pasted into your passport which allows you to travel to South Africa to present yourself to an immigration officer at border control.  It advises the immigration officer that you have met the requirements for entry into South Africa.  However, immigration officers are allowed to ask other questions regarding your visit.  It is their prerogative to grant entry and for how long.

This section is divided into the following sections

1.       Finnish Nationals and Visa Exemption/Requirements

2.       Estonian Nationals and Visa Requirements

3.       Study Visas

4.       General Work Visas

5.       Business Visas

6.       Exchange Visas

7.       Retired Persons Visas

8.       Relatives/Spousal Visa

9.       Transit Visa

For questions regarding any other types of visas or Permanent Residence please call the Embassy directly.

All applications for visas must be made in person at the South African Embassy in Helsinki. The only exception are children under the age of 12. All other individuals must present themselves in person.

Collection of visas may be done via courier or third party provided they have a signed letter from the applicant to do so.

Applicable and payable at a Nordea Bank in Finland (note that no internet transfers are accepted).

Please note that the following are the new tariffs for Civic and Immigration Services. If you do not see a category that you fall under, please call the Embassy for advice. These tariffs are applicable with immediate effect for persons visiting the Embassy and as soon as published on the Internet web page.

Please note that if you have paid the old fee, the Embassy is not in a position to refund any additional payment made!

New Immigration Tariffs

Visitor Visa                                                                                      = € 33.00
Study Visa                                                                                       = € 33.00
Work Visa                                                                                       = € 118.00
Business Visa - Multiple Entry                                                          = € 118.00
Treaty Visa                                                                                      = € 33.00
Exchange Visa                                                                                 = € 33.00
Corporate Visa                                                                               = € 118.00
Retired Person   Visa                                                                      = € 33.00
Transit Visa or Airside Visa                                                             = € 33.00
Certificate of Confirmation of Permanent Residence                         = € 8.00

New Civic Services Tariffs

First Green ID Book                                                                       = € 0.00
Re-issue of Green ID Book                                                             = € 11.00
First issue of unabridged birth, death or marriage certificate              = € 5.00
Additional issue of unabridged birty, death or marriage certificate     = € 5.00
Application for change of forename of a major                                 = € 11.00
Application for change of surname of a major                                   = € 25.00
Letter of confirmation of marital status                                              = € 4.00
Passport                                                                                          = € 31.00
Maxi passport                                                                                  = € 47.00

The Embassy Bank Account to be utilized is :

South African Embassy
Branch Code 1820
Account No. 182030-25809
IBAN:  FI41 1820 3000 025809

A bank deposit slip as proof of payment must be presented to the Embassy BEFORE attention is given to your application.  That means that you must go and make a deposit at the bank before coming to the Embassy.

Service Hours
The public hours are from 08:30 to 15:30.  During this period we will accept applications between 08:30 and 12:30 and return visas to clients between 12:30 and 15:30.  Applications to be lodged after 12:30 can only be done by making an appointment at least 48 hours in advance. 

It is still advisable to call and schedule an appointment as the Embassy also accepts walk in customers. If you are a walk in customer and a scheduled appointment arrives you will need to be seated and wait for that person to finalise their application.

Processing Time
Please note that should ALL your documents be submitted that the processing time is 5 working days. There are NO exceptions to this rule and no express service or preferential services are available.  All applications are treated equally.

If your application is not complete and you are required to submit additional documentation your processing will only commence once all documents have been received.  This can result in a delay of longer than 5 working days.

Foreign Nationals holding Finnish or Estonian Permanent Residence Permits may also apply at the Embassy.  The minimum processing time is 10 days as your applications needs to be referred to the South African Embassy in your country of origin for approval.

Should you overstay the maximum period allotted by the immigration officer in your passport you will be issued with a letter of declaration of undesirability. This will prevent you from entering South Africa for a certain number of years.  You may appeal this declaration at under “Overstay Appeals”. Do not contact this Embassy in this regard as it is a personal matter.


DHA-84 for stays less than 90 days.
DHA-1738 for stays longer than 90 days.
BI-811 : Medical Report for stays longer than 90 days.
BI 806 : Radiological Report for Tuberculosis for stays longer than 90 days. 

Kindly note that the medical report and radiological report on the website are the only forms which will be accepted.  No other document will be accepted.

The DHA-84 and DHA-1738 must be printed in booklet format using a A4 paper and each page must follow the next.  If the form is incorrectly presented you will be provided with a form to complete as all supporting documents must be attached in the middle of the booklet.

All documentation which is provided in support of a visa application must, if in another language, be translated by a certified translator into English.


1.       Passport with two blank pages (excluding observations page) and valid until at least one month after the intended date of departure.

2.      1 passport photograph.

3.       Proof of airline reservation or purchased ticket.

4.       Proof of travel insurance of at least Euro 30,000 per person UNLESS otherwise indicated.

5.       3 months bank statement in full. A single page indicating the bank balance will not be accepted.

6.       Proof of Hotel Accommodation.  Please note that ONLY South African Citizens or holders of Permanent Residence Status may provide invitations to reside at family residences.

7.       For business purposes an invitation by the receiving company if required..

8.       For holiday purposes a letter from your employer that your position will be available upon your return if required.

9.       Police Clearance certificate if required. Any person who has been found guilty of any offence is considered to be an undesirable person.



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